SKF is the world's largest supplier of products, solutions and service in the roller bearing and seals market. SKF is also one of the leading companies in the field of linear products, precision bearings, bearings and machine tool servicing, and is a traditional manufacturer of steel bearings.

The company SKF was founded in 1907. Since its early beginnings, concentrating on the high quality of its products and services, development and marketing.

The main scope of business of SKF is bearings , seals , lubrication systems , mechatronics and machineryservice .

History of SKF

The firm SKF was founded in 1907 by a Swedish engineer named Sven Wingquist. Wingquist wanted to market the double-row ball-bearing bearing he had invented. The company developed very quickly and has been represented in 27 countries since 1914. Other breakthrough inventions, such as the roller bearing developed by SKF Norma, Canstatt spherical roller bearings and the pressurized oil method, have strengthened the position of the company and helped itto become more and more respected. It was soon discovered that the quality of rolling bearings depends to a large extent on the purity of the material. That's why SKF acquired the Hofors Bruk plant in 1916 to influence the quality of the materials used.

In 1919, SKF sro was established as a sales representative in Czechoslovakia . Very soon, it also operated five direct branches - in Brno, Ostrava, Hradec Králové, Plzeň and Liberec. In 1922, the headquarters for the Eastern European and Balkan states were also located in Prague. By the end of the 1930s, the name SKF had penetrated virtually all engineering disciplines, branches were also opened in Košice and Bratislava, and an effective network of dealers covered the entire territory of Czechoslovakia. Also the RIV deposit was introduced. A new administrative and warehouse building was built in Prague Holešovice. After the takeover of the Fichtel & Sachs plant in Černýš - Pernštejn n. Ohří in 1928, a connection was made in 1929 with  a new company, the Czechoslovak SKF Ball Bearing Factory,as, being established. Employing over 600 employees, it had around 7,500 customers and a turnover of CZK 32 million. In 1938, the company was forced to return to the name of Ball bearings SKF, as

Great development took place in the post-war years when SKF covered 95% of the total roller bearings consumption in the Czech Republic and also supplied a number of other SKF products and other companies. In 1946, a special company for the sale of RIV bearings was activated, which also imported a wide range of other Italian products. When  nationalization took place in 1948, both companies owned by SKF withdrew an exception (with only four others) for a defined import area. However, the plant in Černýš - Pernštejn was nationalized and became the basis for the construction of the state production of bearings in Czechoslovakia. Later, the race was transferred to Klášterka n. Heat. SKF and RIV ball bearings ensured, until 1989, the import of bearings exclusively through state-owned foreign trade enterprises. Between 1970 and 1985, a deposit store in Revoluční Street in Prague was also operated together with PZO Tuzex. After 1989 the name of the company was changed to SKF Československo, as

In 1993, after the division of Czechoslovakia, a separate SKF unit was established in Slovakia - SKF Slovensko, sro In 1997 SKF Ložiska,as opened a branch in Ostrava. At the end of the 1990s, there was a significant change in logistics, when the company began delivering goods to its customers directly from the distribution centre in Belgium. In order to further improve customer relationships and provide an efficient way of ordering and delivering goods, SKF introduced the electronic market project in 1999, which is now still widely used.

Since 1919, SKF has changed a lot. Today, SKF offers  its customers all types of bearings in many variants for various applications, seals, lubricants, bearings assembly and disassembly tools, bearing repairs, central lubrication systems, filters, vibration diagnostics, optical and assembly measurements, security and monitoring systems, engineering , tribological services and, last but not least, training activities.

Nowadays, there is no industry in which it would be easy to succeed. Constantly evaluating, developing, rationalizing, finding new solutions, and striving to be a step ahead, is a daily part of everyone's life that moves and wants to succeed. SKF considers it an honour to have been a partner of so many Czech companies for more than 85 years.