Mechanical production in Bytča has more than 100 years of history. As early as 1893 the first gauges for wood were produced, which can be considered as the beginning of engineering production in Bytča. The company history began to be documented in 1906, when Považský železo-výroba was officially registered. The company underwent a complex process of development and the current company name, KINEX, was registered in 1960. 
In the factory in Bytča, bearing production started in 1965, when single-row ball bearings began to be produced. In 1968, the range was expanded to include special double-row bearings for the textile industry and gradually additional bearings for internal combustion engine pumps (1978) and bearings for  bicycles (1987) were added.
The production plants underwent thorough transformation in the early 1990s and are currently part of the KINEX BEARINGS Group. Since 1.9.2000, ZVL Skalica,as has been incorporated as a production plant. 
KINEX BEARINGS is a leading supplier of roller bearings for many segments of industry. It is part of the strong European industrial group HTC Holding, as and currently supplys its products to more than 80 countries worldwide. It ranks first among the suppliers of special bearings for the textile industry and at the same time is the European leader in the field of roller technology production for rolling stock.